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Name Kagoshima Broadcasting Corporation
Address 2-5-12 Yojiro,Kagoshima-shi,Kagoshima 890-8571
Representative Shinobu Jikuya , President
Estimated October 1st , 1982
Affiliations TV Asahi(TV)
Head Office Kagoshima
Office Tokyo
Branch Amami Oshima
Subsdiary Companies KKB Operation Co.,Ltd.

TV Network

KKB is broadcasting in Kagoshima area at 5ch(HDTV), and we are a member of ANN network , in which 28 TV stations affiliated with the Japan News Network.

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Amami The forest and The sea

Amami Oshima Island is situated south of the main Kagoshima Prefecture area. It's in the middle of the Amami Island chain (eight island chain). The sea surrounding the island are clear, deep blue waters. The brightly-colored coral reefs and tropical fish make for a fantastic diving site. The northern part of the island is a popular resort area dotted with white sandy beaches and more beautiful coral shores. Amami Island chain has habitats for precious endemic species and other endangered species considered important on a world-wide scale. This is why these locations have been chosen as a candidate for World Natural Heritage Site. On our program "AMAMI", we are showing the abundant nature and the life of people living there.(28min x 1ep)

Food Show


Located on the southern tip of Kyushu, Kagoshima Prefecture extends 600 km from its borders in the north to its boundaries in the south. It is a leading livestock producer in Japan. Its products, such as "Kuro-buta (black pork)", "Kuro-ushi (black beef)","Kuro-satsumadori (black chicken)", "Kuro-zu (black vinegar)" and so on, are essential foodstuff of Kagoshima's cuisine. It is also known as Satsuma Cuisine (Satsuma Ryori) after the old name of Kagoshima Prefecture. It is one of the most distinct local cuisines in Japan. On series of MOGUMOGU, we introduce many recipes using those products and how to cook them at home. We also want to show how attractive Kagoshima's cuisine is.(23min x 10ep)


Spirits of Spirit

Hombo Shuzo is a brewery in Japan since 1872, which rewarded "World Whiskies Awards 2013" in the category of the best blended malt.November 2016, the company built a new distillery in Kagoshima, which located in the southernmost point of Japan, and started to promote it's whisky in the world.In this program, we focused on the young craftsmen of the new distillery brewing new whisky, and the president challenging for the world whisky markets. Please feel their spirit for spirits!! (27min x 1ep)


Bokkemon's Bold Dream! Spreading Katsuobushi to the World -3 Years of Challenging the EU -

When Katsuhiko Oishi, a katsuobushi maker from Japan's top-producing region of Kagoshima, visited Europe for the first time, he was shocked to discover that the miso soup there was made without dashi, the essential component of Japanese cuisine. However, EU regulations restrict importing katsuobushi, the foundation of dashi. Oishi decided to spread authentic Japanese flavors through local production in France. Unfortunately, unexpected problems and challenges limited his progress. In the Kagoshima dialect, a person who thinks of tremendous ideas is called "Bokkemon." Will Oishi's French katsuobushi factory succeed? This is the story that follows the last three years of this Bokkemon's bold dream.(47min x 1ep)

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